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Helmed by husband and wife duo Jakob & Fernanda White, Comedor specializes in Chilean soul food mashed up with creative American fare. Jakob and Fernanda met while studying culinary arts at Boston University and after years of working in kitchens in and around Boston, they decided to open their dream restaurant. Hailing from their respective backgrounds, upstate New York and Santiago, Chile, they pair their childhood flavors with the technique and skills they accumulated over the years to create the food they serve at Comedor.


Comedor, meaning “dining room” in Spanish, was created to resemble an open-concept home, where guest sit near the kitchen observing all the action and food as it is being prepared. The husband and wife team take great pride in providing a friendly and relaxed environment, where people can sit back, unwind and enjoy the freshest of ingredients prepared in the most creative and adventurous ways.


Come grab a front row seat at our chef’s bar and watch the chefs do their thing


Jakob is from New York and Fernanda from Chile and together they are the driving force behind Comedor.


Locally-grown fresh ingredients make up these creative and diverse small plates


To our valued guests and our Newton community:


As of January 1st, 2017, we will be adding a 3% kitchen appreciation charge to all checks. This fee will be directly distributed amongst our kitchen staff. We wanted to be completely transparent with you and explain why we are changing our business model and the way we compensate our staff.

For decades now, the monetary gap between tipped employees and hourly kitchen staff has been growing exponentially. Add to that the growing living expenses in Boston and we end up with the current situation in all Boston restaurants: talented kitchen employees struggling to make ends meet.


For some time now, we have been looking for possible solutions. We thought of raising our prices but doing so would only increase the wage gap between tipped employees and non-tipped employees. Front of the house earnings are tied to top-line revenue, whereas the kitchen’s wages are tied to bottom line results. We started to look for alternatives and we came across the model instituted by the restaurant group responsible for Tres Gatos, Casa Verde, and Centre Street Café.


They implemented a similar policy more than a year ago and they have seen incredible positive results. By adding this small fee, our kitchen workers will see an increase in their living wages and improve their quality of life. We hope that more restaurants will take on similar policies so that our shrinking kitchen work force will increase and be able to better serve our increasing number of amazing restaurants in the Boston area.


Please note that everything else at Comedor will remain the same: great food, awesome drinks, and great service. We appreciate your understanding and support through this new phase and we look forward to any feedback you may have. See you soon!


Other accolades include, “top 25 best new restaurants 2015”, one of Boston’s “best brunch” destinations, as well as features in Phantom Gourmet, Improper Bostonian and the Boston Globe.